Friday, May 20, 2011

Pet Peeves

Todays' Fashion Beauty Friend Friday Post hosted by Katy from Modly Chic is about Blog pet peeves..
We are asked to list the 5 things that drive us crazy about blogs we visit.
1.  A very dark background that makes it very hard to read the contend.
2. Tiny or blurry photos where it is hard to see the outfit.
3. People that cut off their heads from the photos for privacy.
4. Background music. I am usually reading blogs when next to my husband who is working and hate when all of a sudden random music starts playing. Not necessary in my opinion.
5. Flashing photos or text. So distracting when you are trying to view or read a blog or write a comment.
After I typed these I realized I guess all my pet peeves are cosmetic. Contend wise I am not as picky. I prefer bloggers that are humorous and sincere and show their true personality thru their write-ups. But I am OK if they choose to not write anything and just post amazing outfit photos (i.e. Bee from Atlantic Pacific).  I don't read blogs that are just about advertising or all they do is be part of link-ups everyday anyway so I don't count them.
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This was my outfit today. I know I know it is a bit young for my age but it was kind of fun. My daughter of course wanted to wear her tutu cause I was wearing one! :) 

Skirt, leggings and tank - Forever 21
Plaid shirt - Target
Shoes - Converse

Today's Activities: Super busy day once again. Went to my friend's house for a playdate. The kids played their hearts out and amazingly both napped when we got home! As soon as they woke up my aunt and I took them to the zoo. The zoo closes early so we had to make the most of my Aunt's visit there and rode the zoo bus then visited a few animals. Got lucky and most were out and about and very active. Had dinner at home followed by super late baths but somehow managed to get both kids in bed on time. My husband and I are getting so good at our night time routine!
Another super busy day tomorrow were we'll be doing gym classes then a b-day party then hosting the entire family (12 people) at our house for a BBQ. I already shopped but need to cook and prep. So tonight started on some of the side dishes and made the hamburger patties etc...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Prep School Bloggers Do It Better

Today's outfit is for the 'The Prep School' category the lovely Kristina from Pretty Shiny Sparkly blog has picked for this round of the Bloggers Do It Better challange.

Her requirement was wear a tie or a bowtie for sure and a vest, cardi or a blazer. My blazer photos are more down below.

I didn't even have to think of a new outfit as I already had two combo's in my list with my thrifted $3 plaid tie. This one was of them. The inspiration came from the tiny photo on one of the screens of Forever 21 website (I visit frequently and browse 'new arrivals'): 

And this is how I get inspirations. You  never know where I am going to see an outfit inspiration.
I actually own the animal print shorts in that photo but it wasn't warm enough for shorts today so settled on the brown capri's instead. 

The thin denim shirt was perfect since it had to be tucked in. I only tuck in the front part of blouses now and not the back so it add less bulk. I couldn't figure out how to tie the tie for the longest time. I should have looked at Kristina's website for the tutorial. I also wanted it loose a bit to give the effect in the photo which uses a scarf and not a tie. Added a studded thin belt to tie it all together. 

My motto when wearing 'menswear' style outfits is to always contrast with something very feminine. I added pearls the other day and today was the siren red the sharpest pointy toe stilletthos! 

And here is the blazer I had been holding. Of course it is part of yet another suit from my vast suit collection residing in my son's closet. He was all curious today why I was wearing stuff from his closet!  
The reason I did majority of the photos without the blazer is cause I like it more without I think.
I also did not wear the shoes all day long of course. Instead wore my red pointy toe flats. Not as cool obviously.  

Denim Shirt - from Turkey
Blazer - part of an Italian brand suit
Tie - thrifted
Pants, belt and sunglasses - Forever 21
Heels - Stuart Weitzman
Watch - Michael Kors

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Today's Activities: A bit of a crazy morning today. Took the kids to my mom's house and went to my Dad's for a conf call with his Dr who is in LA. Usually we drive to LA for these appt but the Dr was nice enough to allow for a conference call this time. The good thing is he confirmed the diagnosis of the Dr here in SD. The not so great thing is my dad will be starting chemo if not next week the week after that. Afterwards I rushed home so I can prepare for my actual interview. It went surprisingly well. For a client who indicated they want a consultant on-site they seemed very open to me working from home. So we shall see. Of course I so would prefer to stay home with the kids but financially it would be great for our family. I am hoping they might require slightly less than full time hours so we'll see.
My mom and aunt brought the kids home in time for lunch and naps which was very short lived. I mean not even long enough for me to put fold and put away the laundry. My aunt played with them while I finished that and we went out for some Jamba juice and cupcakes as a treat (my Aunt's request ) before the oh so fun grocery shopping. Followed by quiet dinner at home.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

See You in Sweden

The title comes from the name of the (See you in Sweeden) blog that has inspired today's outfit. Rebecca's style is classic and simple with a touch edgy.  I loved this outfit of her's cause it was using this style hat! 

The weird thing is when I reached for my blue and white plaid shirt I realized it didn't have that red tone she had in her's. Then my husband walked into the master bathroom with his plaid shirt in hand to wear after he showers and I relized it was the exact same pattern/color as hers. But he said no way was I having his shirt so back to my blue and white. 

I love all the layes of this outfit. The shirt, then the blue cardi, then the two toned infiniti scarf all topped with a sequien motorcycle cut jacket! I realize of course in most of the pictures you can't even see the blue cardi! :(

These patent heels were my work shoes which are about 5-6 yrs old. I love their pointy toe. 

So, this hat was my Grandpa's. He was actually known for his Fedora's as far back as I can remember. He was the most fasionable man I know. Always ahead of trends and became a trend himself. And hats were his thing. When he quit all the politics and sold his company (yet did not retire) he grew his hair long and started wearing berets. Looked like a french artist.
So not sure when he wore this hat but it was among his hats in the cabinet and I fell in love with it. It was also one of the very few hats that fit me. I loved wearing it today!

There here you can see a tiny peek of the blue cardi under the jacket! 

Of course once again these heels wouldn't really work during the day, in the rain and going to preschool. So, I dawned on my rain boots and I think they look cool too! 

Lately I have been super motivated to put my entire outfit on and rush downstairs and catch and beg my husband to take my photos before he leaves for work. It just takes so much less time when someone else takes the photos vs. the tripod. And it just feels great that the shoot is already done as I rush through the rest of the morning routine. 

Sequin Moto Jacket - Forever 21
Blue Cardi - Filomen's closet (thrifted)
Infiniti Scarf - TJ Maxx
Blue and White plaid shirt - Forever 21
Dark Skinny Jeans - H&M
Patent Heels - Steve Madden
(Rain Boots - Target)
Hat - My Grandpa's
Today's Activities: Sadly my outfit was only worn today for the first 2 hours! I thought the landscapers wouldn't come since it did rain in the morning but they said they would come by 11 AM. And I was already fully dressed by this point. I took the kids to preschool and stayed until my mom and aunt came over after 1.5 hours to take over and I came back home.
Quickly changed into an old tee and clipped my hair up and got to work with the guys. Had them power wash segments of the yard as I moved and arranged the items so they can clean out another section. I had to re-stack a huge pile of firewood from one area to the next which took forever. My back totally hurts right now. Even held a prospective consulting job interview in the midst of all of this.
When mom brought the kids back I was still on the work call so she put them down for their nap and they left. I decided to stay home so I can clean out all the other furniture in detail, do laundry etc... Kids were happy as long as I kept moving around and changed locations. That is the weird thing. They are fine with me doing physical chores around the house but if I ever sat in front of the computer it is all over. I don't really get it.
I cooked dinner while the kids watched the new netflix scooby doo movie. We did artichokes again and it just amazes me how much the kids love it. They have to ask if they are eating the right side of the leaf each time. My daughter loves to dip in the butter/mayo sauce I make while my son who is on a lifetime diet eats in plain. They both love the heart part too. I need to make it more often.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Since it is Rainning

Well the weather is definitely going the opposite direction here in usually sunny southern CA! So went to my fall/winter outfit list to pull this one out.
Inspired by the following Chictopia post

This is kind of a nice transition combo. The layers and the materials are perfect for this chilly weather but the lavendar jeans are whispering the spring that should be here in mid  May. 

The schiffon like military green shirt goes great with these bright lavendar skinny jeans. I am so upset with myself that I didn't buy more colors of these pants when F21 was selling them for like $14 and they had every color. I would have loved an electric blue one or yellow or bright kelly green. My military boots which I have not had the heart to get rid of are not looking that bad today. 

You can see the inspiration photo had a cream colored snood with black coat, I kind of swapped those colors. I will probably add a khaki or black trench on top at night since it is probably going to be even cooler! I am not really complainning though. There are still so many cute combos in my fall/winter list so I am fine going with whatever weather. As long as I know in advance!

Green Blouse - H&M
Cream Cardi & Lavendar Pants - Forever 21
Snood - Thread Show
Belt - Ralph Lauren
Boots - Steve Madden

Today's Activities: We were greeted with spring showers this morning so the outdoor class was cancelled. Decided to hit our usual indoor play area then the chuck-e-cheese they were meeting at as I need at least a 1 adult to 1 child ratio in Chuck-e-cheese. We got in just in time as they had reached maxiumum capacity by 10 AM which is normal in San Diego when it rains. Everything here is outdoors and open so when it rains there are just very few places you can go with kids.
We are supposed to host a playdate at our house this afternoon then hoping my husband will come early so I can take off with my Mom and aunt to spend some time together and go shopping. We might have to drive out of our way to the few closed indoor malls if the weather is still rainning.

My youngest cousin's girlfriend sent this cute outfit from Turkey for my little girl:  
You like how she has learned to post holding her skirt or with her legs turned in like I always do!
My aunt who is visiting from Turkey... 

My son checking out his new English/Turkish laptop gift from my Aunt 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Inspiration Monday - Drew's Safari Style

Yeay, back to participating in the Inspiration Monday Challange hosted by Two Birds.
Here is the Inspiration Photo (Drew Barrymore) for this Monday: 

Tried to duplicate her pose from memory so obviously got the wrong side... 

Once again I had similar items to everything in the photo. My striped top is actually dark green which matches perfectly to the green top. This top is from my 'safari' collection. The sleeves can zip off and it becomes a vest or a sleveless top depending on how you want to wear it. I plan to use it more this season! 

I decided to go with my tan suede wedges... 

Wearing a tank under the top cause it was too crop and the jeans are too low so needed something to keep from exposing my belly as I move up and down running after the kids...
So, didn't have a black hat in her style but this camel brown does the job I think. Of course I took it off at preschool for the class photo then forgot it in the classroom. Not good at all! 

Skinny Jeans - Forever 21
Green tank - Target
Green striped top - Forever 21
Green shirt worn as a jacket - Eddie Bauer
Wedges - Victoria's Secret
Hat - Asos

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Today's Activities: Went to preschool in the morning. It was picture day so we had a class photo taken. Can't wait to see it. We are also trying the finish the 'alphabet book' the kids have been working on all year. Every week since the start of school they have been working a different letter. They make a photo of an object starting with that letter using either a hand or a foot print. It is really cute. Of course we missed a few days here and there and now these last two weeks is our chance to make-up those pictures. I love doing the foot prints cause the kids giggle the whole time you are brushing paint on their foot. Will do photos once it is done!
After naps my mom and Aunt came over for tea then the whole family will join for take out dinner.